Peaceful Pricing

You find the perfect studio for your child, research the class schedule and pricing, and sign her up.  Everything seems to be going well until...SURPRISE!  You owe an extra costume fee that you didn't budget for.  Another month passes and then...SURPRISE!  You owe a performance fee.  This brings stress to your family as you are continuously reworking the budget to accomodate these extra fees.  

This is a reality at most studios, but not at Rhythms of Grace.  We've developed Peaceful Pricing to alleviate the stress that surprise fees bring as the dance year progresses.  You'll simply pay one consistent Tuition Installment per month (August through June), and your dancer

will receive all of this:

Key Classes Include:

  • 1 Welcome Kit

  • Winter Recital Costume with 1 Pair of Tights (Jan)

  • Spring Recital Costume with 1 Pair of Tights (June)

  • 1 Winter Recital T-Shirt (Jan)

  • 1 Spring Recital T-Shirt (June)

  • 1 Winter Hoodie (For use in Christmas Parade)

  • Royal Rhythms: 2 Community Performance Experiences

  • Step Stones: 1 Community Performance Experiences

  • Tiny Tutus: 2  Princess Party

  • 33 Studio Based Dance Education Sessions

  • 4 Stage-Based Dance Education Sessions

  • 1 Personal Rhythms Ready Session for New Students

  • 1 Happy New Year Party for Returning Students

  • Treasure Testing Session (If Applicable)

  • End of Year GEMboree Celebration

The only other “fee” you’ll need to budget for is your Registration Fee which is $50 per family (regardless of number of children).  The Registration Fee is due one time per year

when you register for the new dance year. 

If you register between September 1-15 and miss August classes you'll still owe 1 extra tuition installment as a winter "Costume Catch Up Fee."

If you register between February 1-15 and miss the Fall semester you'll owe $45 as a spring "Costume Catch Up Fee" in addition to your registration fee.  


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