Our mission at Rhythms of Grace is to treasure each student  through quality dance education that lifts their eyes and guards their hearts.

1. Treasured Students

We cherish the time we spend with your dancer. We strive to ensure each student feels valued and loved as we treasure their unique personalities and abilities.

2. Quality Dance Education

We are educators who utilize a professional curriculum for each genre of dance to ensure that students are perpetually gaining skills and improving their technique.

3. Lifted Eyes

At Rhythms of Grace we don't look sideways and compare ourselves to one another. We don't look down in shame or insecurity. Instead, we lift our eyes to God and celebrate the treasure that He has created us to be as we dance for His glory.

4. Guarded Hearts

Our studio is designed to be a haven for students where modesty, goodness, and Christian values are revered. All music, costumes, and themes are designed to guard our students' precious hearts.


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