What To Expect

At Rhythms of Grace, our entire staff is committed to making sure each dancer is treasured, taught, and transformed.

1. Treasured

Nothing could be more valuable than a child, and when parents trust us with their treasures, we view that as an honor and great responsibility. We want students and parents to see the studio as a haven for their families. As a staff, we also promise to go above and beyond to make each family feel confident, loved, and celebrated. 

2. Taught

Dancers who feel safe both physically and emotionally can fully engage in learning. Our students experience perpetual skill development as we align our teaching with a sequenced curriculum for each genre of dance and hold students accountable for continuous progression.  Our highly qualified teaching staff will teach dance technique with excellence, but they ultimately care more deeply about who your child becomes as a person than who they become as a dancer.

3. Transformed

We are all gems of great value living in a world that will most certainly leave smudges. We all need polished. There are so many dance and performance concepts that can be learned alongside Biblical truths. Our staff intentionally teaches techniques and choreography in such a way that love and grace can penetrate the dancers' hearts. This results in dancers who are transformed... timid to confident; prideful to humble; unworthy to valued; alone to befriended.

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